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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, first post... finally!

Yeepers, it's taken me forever.  I keep getting behind with work due to at home illnesses and what not.  Spring is supposed to be here, yet yesterday Rochester had snow.  Oh well, eventually it shall arrive.

Ji Babu officially debuted its wares at the Hodge Podge Arts + Crafts Show at Roberts Wesleyan College a couple of days ago.  Although I also was showing work from Sarah G. Ortiz Photography, I only sold Ji Babu merchandise, which was neat.

The Etsy shop remains empty at present since I am building inventory for MayDay Underground, a huge Indie Market here in Rochester that's happening in less than 2 weeks.  Once that's over, I can concentrate on listing some items online.  For now, keep in touch here, and check out the Facebook page - link to the right!

As an intro to what's been happening behind the scenes, check out the photos below.

I discovered I had kept many, many bottlecaps over the year.

Solution: Paint them for magnets!

Some random old children's books and paper from my saved supply added some funk.

Found the perfect storage and display at a garage sale.

And ta-da!  Several of these sold the other night, so now onto making more!

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