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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Garage Sale

Rochester Local art group, Local Visionaries, held an Art Garage sale this past Sunday over at Lovin Cup. I was able to participate, which was great.  The weather was horrible, and I lucked out with an indoor table (the perks to arriving early!).  The above picture shows what my set-up was like.  My set up for shows changes with each one.  I find new display "racks" and try new things each time.  One can only hope that eventually I'll find the perfect flow.

 In September I'll be doing another show with Local Visionaries... ReHatched, a showcase of Woman artists, musicians, and poets.  If you're in the area & want to come, contact me - I have tickets for $10, which includes 2 ReHatched events + a complimentary glass of wine.

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  1. Don't worry...my booth setup is never the same either! ;)