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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Art :: Tutorial

As you (hopefully) know, Father's Day is right around the corner for us here in the good ol' US of A. I've been thinking a little bit about how I want to celebrate these holidays that Hallmark has so over-consumerized. Remembering back to my own childhood, I recall homemade cards and other fun things we made for our parents that demonstrated our love and thankfulness in some way or another. Breakfast in bed that consisted of toast and juice and maybe some cereal. Bookmarks COVERED in stickers. Many a card made from a piece of construction paper cut in half, folded in two. Flowers picked from the yard. And so forth.

I figured since my son isn't quite old enough to start brainstorming and creating without help, I'd aid in the Father's Day creation this year. And thus you have what you see below, a beautiful and very colorful (heavy in the blue and green) piece of art to hang on the wall. Following are simple instructions, so you can make one as well!

One 8" x 10" thin canvas board (available at craft stores like 
Michaels or AC Moore - they often come in 3 packs)
Fingerpaint, in several colors (Acrylic paint would also work, just use paintbrushes, too!)
Painter's Tape
Ribbon, for hanging
Hot Glue Gun

1. Using the painter's tape and scissors, create letters that read out the message. Press the tape down onto the canvas. This will create the negative space. You can choose to make your letters more block like, or you can be a bit more fancy and cut curves into the tape.

2. Set your kiddo to create on a surface you don't mind getting dirty. I suggest an art smock or bare belly as well. Encourage them to fill in ALL the white space.

3. Let the fingerpaint dry a bit, and carefully peel up the painter's tape to reveal the letters beneath. With fingerpaint being so thick, you don't want to let it dry entirely as it will pull up more paint than you want. If you use acrylic paint, it can dry entirely before pulling up the tape.

4. Once the piece is completely dry, glue a piece of ribbon to the back for a hanger. Wrap, and present to Dad with pride on Sunday!