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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A day off.

Yesterday, I took the WHOLE Saturday off.  I am pretty sure this has not happened since maybe early January.  Off of housework.  Off of Etsy business stuff.  Off of pretty much everything.  It was marvelous.

The day began early as my small person (now aged 17 months!) has decided he does in fact, want to take after his father and get up at the butt crack of dawn.  Pretty much every day this week has begun by 6:30 at the latest - thankfully my lovely husband knows how much of a morning person I am not and has been non-grudgingly taking the first shift.

With the early start in the day, we were packed up and ready to go by 9ish.  The plan was the head to Buffalo, NY to check out the Museum of Science as I'd scored 4 free tickets in a giveaway.  The museum lacked the draw to hold us there much more than 2 hours though it might have been the loud grumblings in our stomachs that made us decide it was foodtime.  I don't know Buffalo all that well, so I'd done a quick Google search early in the morning to check out restaurant reviews and come up with a list of at least a dozen that looked promising.

We ended up at a tiny little place on Elmwood Ave that was more than promising.  It was devine.  So, if you are ever in Buffalo. and you're hungry, I highly recommend Europa Bistro.  We tried all kinds of stuff, and between the 4 of us (my brother had come along, and yes, we ordered Dom his own stuff, mostly so we could try it...), managed to try several amazing dishes.  I'm not a restaurant reviewer writer by any means, but it was so good, I might travel to Buffalo just to eat there again.

The day was not yet over.  No more plans had really been made, but we had a map, and we knew Buffalo had a zoo, and we also knew we got a discount.  All those reasons made for a pretty compelling urge to go search out the Buffalo Zoo.  Also, very worth it.  We all had a blast - I almost wanted to sneak a spider monkey out.  Man, they were cute.  Dom was thrilled with finally seeing a gorilla in person - although one of his first words, his experience to gorillas had been limited to the book "Goodnight Gorilla."

I decided to count yesterday as my real Mother's Day - today was fantastic as well, but I did clean the toilet, so I'll go with the adventures of Buffalo with the win for the weekend.  For now, it's off to bed.

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