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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clean, not wet.

A cup Dom wanted to use requires the use of a straw if you want to use the lid.  As I got rid of the straw awhile back, this voids usage of the lid.  After him begging to use the cup anyway, I told him he could have water if he sat on the floor, and the cup got less than an inch of H2O in the bottom.

He got mostly through his first serving before I heard him say "Uh-oh."

Then he attempted to show off his Spanish...
"Water on pantaronis."

Me: "Dom, you made a mess."
Dom "See, clean!"

Well, I have succeeded at teaching him that water doesn't hurt anything...  though I don't think Mama is ready for open-topped cups anytime soon.

In other news, Baby OII checks in at a cauliflower this week, weighing in around 2 lbs!


  1. have you tried using a regular straw in place of it? I remember some of the cups we had growing up that had straws, sometimes we could cut down a plastic straw and it worked... not sure if your cup would, but figured I'd throw it out there ;)

  2. It might fit, but it wouldn't help the no spilling - I think D. would figure out how to get the straw out immediately.

  3. Whoops! This post was meant to be on my other blog... oh man, well, that's a little peek into my crazy days and apparently, my crazy brain!